Contact Me

This site is created by Renault lovers, who like to renovate old 12s, especially Gordinis.
We have a lot of parts in stock of almost any Renault 12 type except special parts for Gordini's.
If you need new or used parts, please contact me:

Gerrit Vogel
Steenwijkerweg 167
8338 LB Willemsoord
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 521 587540 (Mo-Fr 18h-22h, Sa 10h-22h GMT +1)

I have the following cars myself:

Renault 12 Gordini R1173 build 1973 (in renovation)
Renault 12 break R1339 build 1981 (original state)
Renault Espace TSE J112 build 1985 (original state)